At Bio Distro all of our products are third party tested at all phases plants in the ground, dried and processed, extracted product, all the way to the final product test. You should expect NOTHING less from any supplier. We often always test in house using the Ionization Labs setup and process, discussed below, with our Affiliates at Naturally Hemps (Link – These in house tests are not “certified” lab tests per say, but they can provide you accurate results to go off of or compare to another testing to confirm product is what it is expected to be.

Feel free to contact us, if you would like to set up a test sample with Naturally Hemps with guaranteed turn around in 2 business days from receipt of the sample, for a special BIO Distro affiliate price of only $80.00.

Here are a few labs that we and many others in the industry have found responsible, accurate, and trustworthy:

Testing Equipment

If you often need to test plants or products on the spur of the moment and need results to be fast and accurate for the primary cannabinoids and THC levels we have an affiliate partner with a solution for YOU! Ionization Labs, based in Austin, TX has an HPLC machine and software package called Canna-ID paired with standardization viles and processes that can allow you to test as much as you need as often as you like! With their expertly develop software and list of patented processes, just about anyone in your office could be capable to perform an accurate test in about 30 – 40 minutes. These tests come with a beautiful web login, share links, and an interactive color graph that will blow your customers away and make it extremely easy to connect to QR codes on products or links in inventory software to batches.

We currently have a 3-year working relationship with this team and have done plenty of mutually beneficial business with them. They have worked out a special pricing package we can pass on to YOU! Contact Us Now.