With Processing, manufacturing, and product development at three of our facilities also owned by the partners in Bio Distro own these manufacturing companies with a total production square footage of approximately 35,000 square feet and 15 acres of storage and growing across three locations in Boise, Idaho, Ontario, Oregon, Austin Texas, and additionally affiliate partnerships all over the globe, we can help you develop, produce, and launch a variety of CBD related products and the list is growing regularly.

There are two core types of manufacturing

White Label Manufacturing

This is taking a set of already formulated products, with standard packaging, print templates, and formulation and packaging them for you to brand or in most cases, we will package with your branding as long as you supply them. We currently offer a variety of white-label items covering many areas of retail-ready products from smokables, edibles, extracts, beauty, and topicals, to dental care such as toothpaste and mouthwash!


This refers to a more custom situation. You may want a particular formulation of a product already on the market, want a very particular style of packaging that does not work with all automation equipment, or may want to develop a completely new product with no market competitors. We can help with these needs as well! We do not take on ALL co-packing opportunities but if we have the capacity we will be happy to help out. Otherwise, it is likely we can put you in touch with someone who can!