Shipping can get a bit tricky. There have been a few arrests, there can be complications in the routes due to state or city regulations, and shipping of hemp and CBD products can be a require some tricky maneuvering which can often be a stressful process if you don’t know the ins and outs, even though everything is completely above board and legal.

We are working as fast as we can to put a few trucks on the roads ourselves in order to better and more securely provide for our customers. Stay tuned!

UNTIL THEN, meet our friends at Patriot Sheild.

THESE FOLKS ROCK! They have plenty of trucks on the roads with qualified and trusted security drivers. Don’t trust your load with any fool! You’ll be surprised how quickly something can go wrong from pick up to drop off.

It’s also important to ensure the shipper understands the legal implications of the trip and adjusts the route based on the type of product in the shipment to ensure the product is not routed through a state where it would be considered illegal and could cause arrests and or complications.

Further, it’s important that the shipper keeps the product secure, often with concealed and carry, additional security co-pilots, truck and package tracking, vehicle audio, and video security interior storage and exterior. Some of these loads are millions or tens of millions in one truck. Make sure your shipping is planned thoroughly.

Tell them “Justin & Jeremy at Bio Distro” sent you and they will take extra good care of your bulk hemp and cbd shipping needs!