We work with a variety of trusted extraction facilities than can help facilitate turning your raw plant matter or partially extracted crude to other more valuable and pure products such as isolate, crude, or distillate.

Toll processing allows hemp farmers to convert hemp biomass to hemp extracts including CBD oil, distillate, and isolate. By trusting Bio Distro and our affiliates with your processing needs, you take advantage of the state-of-the-art clean-room laboratory facility and the team of scientists behind the tested processes. Once your hemp biomass has completed the tolling process you can then sell the extractor have it further manufactured into CBD products.

  • cGMP compliant
  • Certified food-grade facility
  • We are lab tested and certified

Tolling typically works well and is a way to process your product to a more valuable product without additional out of pocket costs. Typically the bulk biomass product is shipped to the “tolling facility” or “Extraction lab” on the owner of the materials dime. There is a tolling agreement. These agreements are great for both parties, because the extraction lab is enticed to do the best job they can and get the most pure extracted material at in the most volume possible that the bulk material allows. The reason for this is that the tolling agreement provides for a “profit share” if you will. The extraction facility is paid for their time, efforts, and qualifications by getting to keep a percentage of the final extracted product as payment. An example of this would be, 70%/30% split, where the owner of the bulk provides the material with an agreement with the lab to extract that material to an “isolate” for example. When complete the lab would keep 30 percent of the isolate kilos produced and the owner of the original bulk product would receive the remaining 70% of the completed product to sell or use to make products.

So for example:

IF you submitted approximately 10,000 lbs of raw biomass material and wanted to convert that to Isolate at 99.7%, we would expect approximately ______ kilos of isolate outcome. If the tolling agreement was 70%/30% ie 70/% of the final yield you keep, 30% of the final yield is retained as payment for extraction by the lab. This would mean if total extraction yield is expected at  100x kilos then you would keep 70 Kilos and the label would retain 30 Kilos.